Our Secret: How Wilco Has Flourished During Times Of Uncertainty

There is a quote from the bible that reads “my help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth” – Psalms 121:2. It serves as a reminder that when we seek and know God, we have everything that we need to conquer through the storms of uncertainty. Once we understand this concept and trust in the Lord, we can then prosper and shine our light by pouring into and ministering everyone that crosses our paths during our own journey in life.What is beautiful about this path that we are on, is that God provides footsteps for us to follow. If you have ever tried to figure out your own steps then you can understand this notion too well. When we try to create our own roadmap it often leads us in a state of confusion. We end up consistently chasing our tails because we are trying to seek the next thing. When we seek worldly pleasures we go in circles trying to fill the void. This unfulfilled feeling  happens when we do not understand what our purpose is.

One book that helped us to align with our purpose is “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. In this book Warren emphasis that we spend each day meditation on what our purpose is in each day instead of jumping ahead and consistently looking for the end result.

Once we are able to slow down and focus on what our creator (God) has placed in our paths, we can then start to be grateful for the unfolding of the path that our Lord has put us on. At Wilco, our purpose has always been to be of service to others. Wilco is a place for us to provide light and love in the hearts of everyone who crosses our path. We want to take a moment to thank each one of our customers for their continued support as our small business continues to grow and prosper. 

Staight outta Braselton,
Your Wilco Family 

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